About Us

At Authentic Luxuries, we guarantee the authenticity of all our pre-owned handbags, jewelry, timepieces, and other high-brand designer items. We love nothing more than helping you own authentic luxury products at prices discounted up to 70% below retail. Our authenticity guarantee give you the peace of mind to shop confidently. We also offer a safe online platform for clients from all over the world to sell their items on our web store, enabling them to refresh their closets and boost shopping budgets for new pieces. Our curators accept thousands of luxury and designer brands including Hermes, Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Celine….

Before we purchase and list pre-owned and like new handbags, jewelry, watches, luggage or any other luxury item from the public it is painstakingly examined by our expert appraisers and authenticators. They know all the latest tricks that counterfeiters use when producing fakes and are never fooled. That’s why we can provide you with an authenticity guarantee that you’ll find hard to match by online auctions or classified listings. All photos sent to us by our consignees will go through first stage of careful and strict examination. What makes luxury designer goods so special isn’t the price. It is the people behind the product: the extraordinary crafts people and designers who select the best materials and take the greatest care in making a luxury item truly worth owning. Likewise, it is the people who work here at Authentic Luxury Goods that make this such a special place to shop for designer goods that are 100% guaranteed authentic!

With years of experience selling online, we decide to emerge into our own online luxury consignment shop. With the belief that fashion should be available and accessible, our goal is to offer luxury goods at affordable prices so that label enthusiasts will be able to attain the Chanel or Hermes of their dream. We want our customers to have the security of purchasing online thus, products listed on Authentic Luxuries are verified by our own leading experts of professional curation team. We will NEVER ship an item unless it is deemed to be guaranteed 100% authentic and as described and pictured. Let us help clean out your closet and make room for new trends. Consign with us and we will authenticate and list your items on our beautiful storefront as well as other online sites for maximum exposure. There is absolutely no charge to list with us. Only when your items sells, our fee is a flat 10% on final sale price. Please email us at authenticluxuriestw@gmail.com for more information.

We’re on a mission to bring trust and fairness to fashion, making great style affordable and accessible to everyone.